I’m Evelyn Maxwell with a Master’s Degree in mental health nursing.  Because often people needing and wanting help with mental health concerns do not have instant access to an appointment, I am going to blog my book “At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being”.  It is a “how to” book of very specific suggestions that complement your professional help and aid you while waiting for your appointment.  It examines physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of mental health.  It is not a substitute for individualized professional care and you are encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible while continuing to read the blog.  Better yet, purchase a book at Amazon books while they still are available.  I shall be adding content to the original book as I go through its 252 print pages,  Be sure to get rest, exercise and adequate nutrition all of which are often neglected while dealing with emotional stress.

My need for counseling, self-help and recovery from some serious episodes of illness led me to enroll at my alma mater (University of Kansas) for the Master’s Degree in Mental Health Nursing.  While finishing my degree, I co-taught mental health and other aspects of health to nursing students at Marymount College in Salina, Kansas.  When Marymount closed, I used everything I could think of from my life experience that would be helpful to patients regardless of their health condition.  

While writing, I called upon specialists in psychiatry and nutrition to review and make suggestions to the text.  I have them to thank as well as my publishing mentor Dave Barbo and his staff, particularly Jay Richardson, many clients who allowed me to paraphrase their comments, and Weeden Nichols who read the manuscript for sense, continuity and grammar.  I thank Grace Ketterman, M.D., for her suggestions, encouragement and writing the Preface. I thank my husband, Gordon Maxwell, M.D., for his loyalty and perseverance throughout my trials and for his comment as a Forward to the book.


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