Does God care about our economic systems? business?

Does God care about our economic systems? business?  I wrote earlier about “uncertain times.” Today I have been reading in Karen Armstrong’s 2001 “Battle for God.”In it she documents the struggles, “jihad, effort,” for economic justice in modern times by the religious of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. She writes of “modernity” and how difficult it has been from 1492 to the present for people with religious ideas and practices to cope with the changes brought on by irreligious use of technology and economies. And now, we are told we live in a “post-modern” age.

Wickipedia’s explanation of post-modernism is helpful to me with its description of a loss of belief in progress of society. That helps me, who often think I have been bypassed by or have neglected modernity, especially technological “progress”, realize that in the late 1940’s when our college housemother proclaimed her belief in humanity’s progress, I refuted the idea by citing what had happened in Hitler’s Germany with its Holocaust. So, by that standard I have been a post-modern person for more than a half century. On the other hand, much of my religious experience may be considered to have a premodern quality for I find God speaking through Scriptures and nature, science and philosophy, in all avenues of knowledge and art and through sickness and health at some times and in some ways. God, by whatever name you use, tries to get us to listen and do what is best for all, and especially for the poor.

So, does God care about your economic situation? your business? The several personal, first-hand accounts of people who have dedicated themselves to God’s progress in the world, repairing the world, bringing about a new age for the world, tells me “Yes.”

In simple, yet profound ways, God communicates.

My father had a truck that kept breaking down just when he needed it. He needed to replace it. He prayed for help in finding the truck God wanted him to have. In a night dream, he saw a red truck, I don’t remember the make, but he recognized it and began looking for it. All over Kansas City and the suburbs he looked. No red truck. Finally he went further away from the city, and in a smaller town, he found his red truck. As soon as he saw it he knew it was the right one. Lower costs Matched his dream truck. “The best truck I ever had.” he later told me. An answer to his prayer.

A farmer friend had a large herd of cattle. Daily he and his wife prayed for guidance in their life. He was told in his prayer time to sell his herd. He did. Shortly afterward, the price of beef dived. He credits God for saving his farm.

A manufacturer friend, at the company headquarters he and others began their day with prayer. This day, they felt they should stop production early. They did. Shortly afterward the same day there was a long outage of electricity. If they were in production, the melted metal would have solidified in their machines and caused a tragic loss of money in material and equipment. He credits God for guiding them.

A start-up company with business based on company secrets had a key employee leave to work on an idea that was integral to the business. Much grief over employee confientiality and non-competition provisions resulted in new legal documents for employees to sign. Six months later, the one who left offered to sell production rights with a high royalty for himself or otherwise he would go on his own in competition. Negotiations were extremely difficult. The consultant who helped the President by reviewing the legal documents for confidentiality and the new agreements was in the office. The President, a church member, was feeling depressed and hopeless in coming to a satisfactory outcome. The consultant suggested prayer as “prayer certainly couldn’t hurt and might help in the situation.” They prayed. The President picked up the phone and in a confident tone of voice called the opponent and set a meeting date and place that was neutral to them both. Financially, they were magnitudes away from each other’s offer. The day came. Both parties met, their documents in basic agreement, they had only to agree on a price and new salary and position as a restored employee. At the very moment they said, “Agreed,” reaching for each other’s hands, a crack of thunder shook the windows followed by a gentle shower. Leaving the meeting, the streets still damp, a full rainbow arched over the city.

These examples are all first person accounts to me. Are you persuaded to let God guide your life?

If so, regardless of your religion or lack of it, Say “Yes!” out loud and set out to find what God wants you to do on a day by day, moment by moment basis.  God cares about the world, economics and you.


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