Prayer for those who need a little joy in their lives

Dear friends and followers,
I have been working alone for three years to update the vitamin mineral research and additional information to complete the revised expanded edition of At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being.

The e-book edition is due to be published soon by WestBow publishers. It will need some publicity. And I think that Google ads may be one of the better ways. But better than that is for friends and followers to recommend the book to anyone who is dissatisfied with life.

Almost everything important that I know is in the book. That includes 12 years of graduate study in nursing and several years in practice, about 75 years of Bible study, 10 years of researching for the book, five years of teaching mental health nursing and a lifetime of grappling with interpersonal issues.

I was a very shy person, very sensitive to criticism, scared, smart in some ways and extremely dumb in others, anxious to please, eager to help and often ignorant of my own feelings. I had to struggle with labels of mental illness at various times in my life and the distress that brings.

I don’t like to promote myself, however, the book At Eden’s Gate:Whole Health and Well-Being, is what I have learned in becoming a more “whole” person. It has been very useful to people who could not afford frequent therapy sessions or were too bashful or too time pressed to invest in formal therapy. It is not a substitute for care if one has a severe illness, but it can be a very inexpensive way to subsidize the care one needs or would like to have. It has been recommended by a prominent psychiatrist, patients and by and for librarians.

To reach people who cannot afford the technology for e-books, a print version is needed. I need a helper to create the index. I also need someone who loves marketing and knows something about Google ads.  I need someone to create and manage a “business website.”

I realize I need a team sent by God to work with me.
This is my new year’s prayer.

Thanks for reading and joining me in prayer to help meet the many needs of people who are desperate for a little bit of joy in their lives. Amen and amen.

I would dearly love to have your comments and commitment to help others.

Your friend,


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