67 Chrysler brought joy

Our 1967 Chrysler four-door Newport deluxe actually brought joy to our family for many years. We added an extra front seatbelt for our family of six. We added  Monroe Load Levelers and, yes, we had to have a ball hitch so we could pull our boat and  later our horse trailer so we could take our two youngest girls to horse shows.  We had to have the seats reupholstered.  We were able to obtain the LAST of the original fabric! We also had it recarpeted.  It only has about 107000 miles for a car that often gets 200000. It’s been stored undercover for most of its life. Right now it’s out near Paso Robles, CA, It really does need a new home, but we have enjoyed it so much!  We took the children in it through the south west where we had lived.  We remember the many times we went to horse shows with the two younger girls and the campouts at the lake with the whole family in one big tent.

it’s been joyful to think through again with that car meant to us as a family with young children. Thank you 1967 Chrysler.


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