Want to change your community”

Want to change a community? Some people might say you are dreaming.

Interestingly, last week my deceased parents visited me in a dream. We were trying to find our way into an out of Kansas City on the new highways from our small town. We were returning to our village when we became aware that a big shot was coming in parade. All the mayors were out in resplendant attire. People were lined up along the roadway. Colored people were looking out windows and doors with great interest.

We pulled off to the side and waited to see who this dignitary would be.
A car stopped, a limousine, no chauffeur but a harried greying President Obama stepped out and hurriedly ushered us from our car into his. My father in the front passenger seat, me and mother in the back seat. I turned and saw a desk and other amenities in the rear of the limo. I wondered why he needed us and what we could do for him.

My father knew every road in the county and then some. He knew the history of every farm in the area. He had delivered produce and trucked their belongings to and from nearly every house in his years of service. Mother knew all the political powers and the educational system from her years on the election and school boards.

Maybe when trying to bring change to a community, you need an outsider who will seek out the elders who know the community inside out and can advise you on what will work, what will be accepted by the population.

Maybe you don’t have an outsider to help. Want to change your community? Make you dream come true.


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