This could change your life! At Eden’s Gate Whole Health and Well-Being Updated and Expanded in e-book form available now!.

This could change your life! At Eden’s Gate Whole Health and Well-Being Updated and Expanded in e-book form available soon.

Do you want to–
Reduce your risk of illness?
Decrease the effect of mental or physical illness?
Learn how essential nutrients enhance health?
Learn stress reduction methods?
Step out of vicious circles?
Reduce interpersonal conflicts?
Improve communication skills?
Enjoy significant others?
Help others change?
Help your employees become more effective?
Enlarge your library of resources?
Improve work and community relations?
Discover mind-body connections?
Appreciate common values of other faiths?
Resolve religious quandaries?
Become spiritually alive?

At Eden’s Gate will help you do all that.

As people age, as we age, we become more and more aware of the need for ways to prevent illness of any kind. Slowly as a society, we have begun to value nutrition and health habits of exercise, stress reduction and peaceful personal relations.

Nutritional information on vitamins and minerals needed for health is updated through 2015 professional research.

Mental health patients and their families find support and help for sustaining health and hope in the journey to wellness. By reading At Eden’s Gate, you examine many physical, mental, family, social and spiritual aspects of health. You CAN find a way out of vicious circles, find peace and happiness.

Written from a Christian perspective, insights in common with other religious groups are included for personal growth in spirituality.

At Eden’s Gate is for your personal pleasure and growth, not a substitute for professional mentoring, guidance, therapy or treatment, but may be useful as an important supplement to them. It is a “how to” book full of very specific suggestions. People who need and want help with the stress of health concerns rarely have instant access to an appointment. If you think you might be ill, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment immediately to discuss any possible change or addition of treatment that you learn about while reading At Eden’s Gate. It is not a substitute for individualized professional care.

The first edition was published in 1998 by Carlsons’ of Lindsborg, Kansas. It was helpful to both professional and lay people, and was not matched by anything I could find on the market.
In 2013, realizing that much additional nutritional research has occurred and after failing again to find a comparable self-help book, I decided to update my book as a weekly blog. You can see the updates and subsequent articles as a WordPress blog under the title “Here’s to Your Health!” at

This edition of At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being is formatted and written especially for ebook internet users. It is a revised, updated and expanded second edition providing practical self-help in the basics of wholistic health and well-being, personal growth, overcoming stress, getting out of vicious circles, improving relationships and finding peace and happiness as individuals, families, workgroups and communities.

It is easy to read and understand, yet informative for professional education in any health or helping professional field: nutrition, alternative health, psychiatry, nursing, psychology, social science, human relations, caregiving, personal services, and pastoral care.

It is recommended by a nationally known specialist in adolescent psychiatry, a director of mental health services for patients and families, a reviewer for library services for popular reading, academic, institutional and special library collections, and by patients.

I have added major updates to the original 252 pages of the book in the sections on vitamins, minerals, family, spirituality, finance and community. As you read, please make sure you get rest, exercise and adequate nutrition, which are often neglected while having fun or dealing with stress.

When I graduated in 1955 with a Bachelor’s in Nursing Science, there was almost no professional help for patients with mental health problems and nothing of self-help. After the birth of our fourth child amid the stresses of applying for missionary work in India, leaving our home and moving to the mission orientation centers, I found myself in the mentally ill category with a diagnosis that ordinarily was considered hopeless. My own need for counseling, self-help and recovery from some serious episodes of illness with different diagnostic labels over a number of years led me to read everything I could find for self-help, enter seminars aimed at mental health patients, or “consumers”, and gradually, with God’s help, to become a new self on the path to being a whole person.

During the seven years of writing, I called upon specialists in psychiatry and nutrition to review and make suggestions to the text.

You have the ability to change what is happening to you.
You have a way to understand your feelings better using the chart “More Feeling Words” that features the intensity of feeling for each word.
You learn ways to improve your physical and mental health by paying attention to your basic habits of life, what and when you eat, sleep, exercise, rest, the Variety of Foods Required to Meet Physical Needs and introduction to the U.S. Food Guide.
You have “tools” to change how you think and feel and how you relate to people and events by using the Cognitive Therapy Worksheet and the method for Stepping Out of Vicious Circles. You decrease your anxiety level by using controlled breathing, progressive relaxation, and stress inoculation techniques. You learn how to confront people and situations.
You learn how you can help others and how you can help them to help you.
You learn how to relate to and even experience God, or whatever name you use for the Supreme Power of the Universe, and how Jesus can make relating easier.
You have examples of dialogue, scripture from the Christian Bible.

Welcome to the adventure of the stepping stones to health and well-being.
Welcome to the path toward wholeness!
I’ll meet you At Eden’s Gate!


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