Want to be free of migraines?!

Do you want to be free of migraine pain?

http://www.secondopinion-tv.org/episodes has a number of topics for your information.

The end of our local Second Opinion pbs.org program said that transcripts are available. Sure enough!

I read the ones on chronic pain and on migraine headaches. I was surprised that there was so little about treating with alternative methods. True, learning the basic cause if possible is BASIC! And, relieving the sensation of pain is essential in order to attend to further treatment and prevention of the conditions underling pain.

I saw nothing about low blood sugar and migraines. One should look at the eating pattern as well as the possible allergy triggers of foods and environment. Gluten (cooked wheat products), dairy, eggs, yeast and corn were mentioned as possible food triggers. The same person suggested magnesium, Riboflavin which is B2 and CoQ10 as helpful and a need to examine women’s hormonal balance and pattern of headaches.

The program I watched mentioned a low sugar, high protein, whole foods diet, getting adequate restful sleep and exercise as important staples of one’s pain-free life style. One of the transcripts or the tv program mentioned stress as an important component of pain. You can find a number of stress reduction methods in the e-book At Eden’s Gate Whole Health and Well-Being Updated and Expanded and also on other pages of this blog.

Topiramate, calcium channel blockers and beta blockers were mentioned as helpful medications. One would need to be sure their blood pressure is not too low.

Common options for pain– NSAIDs, Motrin, aspirin, for example, and stepping up to opiates– raised concerns for serious side effects, addictions and rebound headaches when the medications wear off.

Biofeedback, acupuncture and massage were all deemed helpful.

Summing up the session on migraines was this quote:

“There are certainly preventative treatments that have been shown in studies to be effective including magnesium, Riboflavin, Coenzyme 10 and butterbur but we also have a whole host of prescription drugs, if you will, that are extremely effective and one size does not fit all and sometimes you have to try a few of them before you get it right, but it’s important to really emphasize the concept of holistic as well as medicinal prevention.
While there is no cure for migraine, effective management of migraine is possible through lifestyle changes and pharmacologic interventions. It’s a mixed individualized for each patient. Everybody agree on that? Is it fair?”

Dr. Salgo closed with:

“Migraine is a disease. Migraine headaches are real. Migraine headaches can be disabling. Dealing with migraines can be very frustrating for the patient and for the doctor. Effective communication is critical to the treatment process and while there is no cure for migraine effective management of migraine is possible through lifestyle changes and pharmacologic interventions. Our final message is this – taking charge of your health means being informed and having quality communications with your doctor. I’m Dr. Peter Salgo and I’ll see you next time for another Second Opinion.”

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We do want to be free of pain!


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