Miracle of Sobriety–Cowboy Eddie Long tells Creflo Dollar his story

Cowboy Eddie Long tells his story to Creflo Dollar:  how God removed his alcohol problem after 33 years of drinking, eventually as much as three cases a day, if I heard right.Cowboy had no power over stopping by himself but one morning looked into the mirror and saw a dead man in the mirror, in a coffin, and realized it was himself. A dam broke within and he sobbed his way into God’s loving arms, healing the hurt of his mother’s death at age 15 and his wife’s death. He felt something leave his body. He thinks it was a demon.He stopped drinking immediately…something he couldnot do alone.

Creflo Dollar believes this is an example of what God’s grace can do in those with chronic alcoholism.  Miracles can happen to you.



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