Do you live in a friendly or hostile universe?

A big question for each of us … “Do I live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe?” … was presented in Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention” during our PBS station fundraiser last evening. Dyer’s teaching comes partly from the Bible and from Jesus’ teachings and partly from philosophers’, psychologists’, and eastern writings and partly from scientist’s writings. His understanding of the universe is accessible to a wide variety of people.
As i read stories about Jesus, they seem to indicate he believed there are two universes. He called the friendly one the Kingdom of G-d. The Power of the Kingdom seems to be in becoming aligned with the Spirit of G-d and G-d’s’ purposes, much as Dyer also believes. (I say “believes” in that Dyer and I believe existence does not end with death of the body.) Dyer uses several terms for the friendly universe — G-d, Divinity, Source, Great Creator and possibly others that I did not hear. His advice to “Stay in Rapport with your Source” by nearly constant meditation is similar to St. Paul’s advice in the Bible to “Pray without ceasing.”‘
The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence is the best handbook for that type of constant communication that I have read. Reading a small portion each day is quite effective in helping us stay connected.It seems to me that in his The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey uses many of the same principles as Wayne Dyer.
Perhaps the big question is not just “Do I live in a friendly Universe?,” but “How can I best introduce the Friendly Universe to Others?” However, to move out of the Hostile Universe into the Friendly Universe is a first step for some of us. The section of At Eden’s Gate Whole Health and Well-Being “The Family of God” or the blog be helpful in that first step.


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