Reduce Violence with 360 Safety

When reading The American Nurse, Volume 48 No. 2, for March and April 2016. I was delighted to see that 2016 is a year for study and promotion of safety and that mental health has a huge part to play in that whole concept for nursing and health care. When Marymount College closed–where we taught integrated physical-mental-spiritual-social health–the accreditation organization for nursing schools privately told our nursing chairman that Marymount’s nursing program was the premiere program in the United States.

As I searched my soul for my next project I became convinced that I should write a book in lay language that conveys as much as possible of what we taught our junior nursing students at Marymount. It was published by Carlsons’ and 1000 copies printed titled At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being. The research and writing took seven years.

The book was highly recommended by a prominent specialist in adolescent psychiatry and by Kansas Librarians as well as patients who appreciated one who could write sympathetically regarding the problems they face.

Three years ago after exploring the Internet for something similar and finding nothing, I took the task of updating the research on vitamins and minerals and adding additional material on community health. That effort is available as an e-book on where you can read the first three chapters, explore the table of contents and order for $3.99. Published by WestBow Press, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

I am utterly convinced that the book will be a boon to those who work with patients regardless of their location or position.

I am utterly convinced that the general public can produce “homeruns” in the games they play with others while making win-win outcomes.

I am utterly convinced that the professions alone cannot adequately defeat the dangers facing our society and that the general public MUST be armed with soft skills like those found in At Eden’s Gate to cope with the escalating violence in our society.

I am utterly convinced that your review of the e-book would be a service to the nursing year of “Safety 360 Taking Responsibility Together.”


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