Zika is horrendously underestimated!

Zika is horrendously under estimated.
I just returned from a Medical Society meeting about Zika. I was appalled at the lack of congressional response to the Zika threat, not only here but in the world. The number of babies affected is likely under reported in many parts of the world. The lifelong devastation for families, and after the parents are gone for society, to care for the affected children is heartrending and scary.

Contact your congressional representative now. Insist that they wake up and do the right thing in appropriating funds for zika research, prevention and treatment.

Here are some websites for your own protection.


http://medicaltreasure.com/zika-rash/ What the rash looks like at bottom of page


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96KnaIlK4eE Zika babies

https://www.cdc.gov/zika/symptoms/symptoms.html Zika symptoms


The mosquitoes that carry Zika are part of the normal U.S. population of mosquitoes. As more infected people are bitten, the more the disease is spread as new people are bitten.


Protect yourself from mosquitoes.


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