Transformative Transhuman Change

America wants a change. The U.S. wants a change. People want a change. A transformative, even a, transhuman change. Change in society and culture usually begins with an individual. Often one’s change is a response to an environmental change, either physical or psychological.

The steps to change have been researched, documented and written about. Awareness of the need is usually a first step, The second step is a readiness to to take steps to change a behavior.

At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being, expanded and updated as an e-book, is a solid resource for anyone wanting to improve their life, community, culture, society … their world. Even to live forever!

It is available at the following websites.

ISBN 978-1-51272-655-8 (e) available at
mn/1123510918?ean=9781512726558 nook 
keywords=9781512726558 kindle version 

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