Ways to improve joint health

Yesterday I received a publication called Bottom Line Health. It had an article that really surprised me. It had to do with a new way to repair the joints without having to undergo a complete knee replacement.
So, what were they talking about? They were talking about using stem cells made from your own body’s fat, taken either from your bottom or your tummy, and then using that to encourage the cells to grow new joint parts.
I think I would try that if I really was at a point where my knees were really painful and my other methods had not been sufficient. But let me tell you a little bit about some of the other methods.
One, is find a way to lose weight. I lost probably 15 pounds a year for a couple of years and that helped my knees immensely! I used the Atkins diet as a starter, and then learned about the glycemic index that allows you to know what foods are going to turn into fat. It really helps for people who are on a pre-diabetic roadmap, you might say.
Another thing I learned was that copper is really important in producing the collagen in your joints. And so as your collagen wears out it has to be replaced and copper is one of the things that you can get in your diet. Copper comes from chocolate, coffee and some teas and many vitamin mineral combinations. You can overdose on copper so be careful about that.
I also found that some of the newer joint supplements are helpful. We know about glucosamine sulphate that has been helpful for many people. We know for some people chondroitin and MSM have been helpful. But some of the newer preparations also have ingredients like cat’s claw, and bromelein, rutin and others. One ingredient in particular has been very important for these products to have, that is some form of hyaluaronic acid. Hyaluaronic acid is needed for the joint fluid, the synovial fluid in the joints.

You may see this article on You Tube soon.
So have a happy joint! And the bottom line is: I hope you can avoid having any kind of joint replacement.


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