Is this funny?

My husband handed me the phone saying, “Barbara wants to talk to you.” Since I know several Barbaras I said, “Hello,” in an eager friendly tone. “Hello Evelyn,” then came a blurst of words my old ears could not understand, except that someone I didn’t know representing a company I didn’t recognize wanted to sell me something. My usual response is, “Let me save you some time. I never act on a phone call, please take me off your list,” and hang up, maybe adding, “Have a good day.”

Although I don’t like people I don’t know using my first name, today, I tried to be nicer, “Did I call you?,” I asked with barely a hint of sarcasm. She ignored me. She asked, “Do you take medications?” Now that is a pretty personal question and I’m not going to tell someone I don’t know whether or not I take medications. I gathered she wanted me to buy something to reduce the number or cost of medications, a noble effort in a way. I took a deep breath and proceeded politely, “Now here is something that is a resource for your clients. My e-book At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being tells about vitamins and minerals and lots about mental health. It’s available at Barnes and Nobel and Amazon…” She interrupts me and says, “Here is a book you should read, ‘Phone Etiquette‘!” and hangs up on me. Surprised, I shrug, hang up and then begin laughing. After all, who called who without any previous relationship? This was really a cold call!


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