Videos for your enrichment

If you missed some of my videos on regarding Wholistic Health,

here is a list.  Sure, You can make a Difference!

4/27/17 Joint Health            

5/4/17  Children’s Health

5.8/17  LDL-P          

5 20 17  Combatting aging with happy stem cells and telemeres

7/3/17 Rethink Prisons

7/10/Afraid your child will go to prison? 

7/20/17 Can eye supplements cause other health problems?

7/27/17 Healthy Soup

8/2/17 Heartburn?

For detailed information that gives you opportunities to improve your health and happiness, see my e-book At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being. Amazon gives you the first 3 chapters for free! kindle


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