A Flood of toxic contents plaguing your over the counter pills?

While searching my pharmacy’s over the counter versions of 81 mg. aspirin for adult seniors I was aghast at what I found– a flood of iron oxide, aluminum lake, titanium dioxide. Maybe the iron isn’t too bad, but if overdosed, it settles in tissues where it is not supposed to be. Aluminum has been a no-no for many years since it was found in the brains of Alzheimer victims. Titanium was reviewed in a NIH article a few years ago and found to be unsafe in many research studies involving various animals. In addition, people exposed to the dust in the air have a higher rate of lung cancer than other people. See


I looked at the baby aspirin and found much of the same.

Please read all the ingredients, especially those called “inactive” ingredients and avoid them like the plague that they may be. Make a note of the phone number of the manufacturer and call them to complain about the undesired ingredients. Then call the
FDA at 855-202-9780 (for Ks) and complain about these ingredients in foods and over the counter pharmaceutical products, even in some medicines!

You can see the video on this topic at https://youtu.be/H_6XPmSbDaM

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