Should all abortion be banned?

Should there be legislation that bans all kinds of abortion? Let me tell you why I think as I do. While I was a nursing student several years before Roe vs Wade and the legalization of abortion, IIwas working as a senior elective quarter in the operating room and staying after hours, to work the emergency schedule.

I objected when my supervisor said that I had to stay and help with abortions. I said, “But, those are babies.”

She said there was no one else to call, but me. We had a shortage of nurses during and after the Korean War.

The majority of our patients who needed a D and C, a Dilatation and Curettage, to complete an abortion–were bleeding. She said, “Are you going to stand there and let these women bleed to death because you refuse to help?”

I   couldn’t   refuse to help.

Most were young with low incomes. They had either sought an illegal abortionist or tried a do it yourself job.

Most evenings we had about 8 to 12 patients for emergency D & C’s. I remember one evening we had 18. A few years later while working OR in Louisiana, we had a young Catholic nun who had been raped. The doctors felt a D & C was appropriate to remove any infection and prevent pregnancy.

My job as circulating nurse was to ready the operating room for the patient and prepare the patient for the procedure. So I helped clean the room from the previous patient’s procedure, opened the sterile surgical drape packs, gown and gloves, and instruments for the doctor, made sure the OR permit was signed by the patient, positioned the patient, scrubbed the appropriate area with antiseptic soap, tied the doctor’s gown and mask, and positioned the light for him or her to work. We had two nurses and worked two rooms.

Unfortunately we could not save all the bleeding patients. A perforated uterus is hard to manage. Some died later from infection.


You see, it is the woman who decides whether to carry a child or not, regardless of whether it’s legal or not. Usually at a very early stage. However, there are medical conditions that make an abortion less hazardous than going to full term delivery. And sometimes the fetus does not have all the organs necessary for life outside the uterus.

It took quite a bit of OR experience for me to realize that abortion should be legal and taught when needed.

It keeps women out of dirty, unsterile, abortion environments where they pick up infections that can make them sterile for life. It helps prevent blood loss that threatens her life. It also helps keep people from being born into a hate filled life. Even Jesus said, “It is better for (some) never to have been born.”

Send this to your legislators to help them understand that we need to keep abortion legal.


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