Enjoy Your Grey Hair!

Enjoy your grey hair! Grey hair and its care is a growing concern for many. Green hair and yellow hair along with grey hair was a topic of Web MD recently with helpful suggestions included here. You may see my You Tube video on the topic at https://youtu.be/7p7x2Tksr8I.

Grey hair is often dry, coarse and fragile. Web MD suggested oil treatments. I have used olive oil and enjoyed the pleasant feeling it gives my scalp as well as improving the condition of my hair.

Since hair is a protein substance I suggest that you consider using a mayonnaise product that includes egg and oil. As with oil, 10 – 30 minutes wearing a plastic cap or bowl cover helps distribute it and penetrate the hair. When growing up, some of my farm neighbors used whipped egg as a treatment after shampooing before the final rinse for beautiful tresses. I tried that and found it a little too messy for me but you may enjoy it.

What else can you do about your grey hair? Include a sublingual Vitamin B 12 tablet in your daily routine. Also ask your doctor to check you thyroid as it can affect hair.

Use conditioner on the ends of your hair rather than on the roots. Sometimes I use the conditioner a few minutes before shampooing and afterward also.

Your genetics may give you grey hair in your 30s or 40’s while others may not turn grey until much later. Coloring has its pluses and minus. It may help you look your young age if the roots don’t show! Please don’t pluck the grey hairs.

Now what about green hair? When I was a young teen visiting my cousins, Aunt Betty decided to take us to Swope Park to swim. We were outdoors in strong sunlight and a strong chlorine odor to the water. Imagine my dismay and embarrassment when we left to find my blonde hair had turned green! How people laughed!

But it wasn’t funny to me or Aunt Betty. She felt so bad about it but of course it wasn’t her fault. She used multiple rinses and I think finally used tomato juice to soften the green. The remaining green did go away after a few days and another shampoo. Web MD suggests wetting your hair first (in the shower, I presume) before getting in the water.

If you grey hair is yellow, ask yourself if you smoke. Smoking can cause grey hair to turn yellow. If you smoke, stopping may help. You may have to ask your coworkers to smoke outdoors.

My grandmother’s grey hair also turned yellow if she left the hot curling iron on too long. So if you are using heated curlers try using plain curlers instead.

Web MD also mentioned using a purple rinse to help maintain white hair. However, not everyone enjoys having a purple hairdo, but I have admired a slight hint of blue coloring on silvery hair.

The Bible takes a high view of grey heads. It is a sign of wisdom. So enjoy your grey hair, wise one!


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