Stop Sugar Cravings

I just posted a video on ways to stop sugar cravings.  So important to your health!  Go to to view.

You can lose weight without regaining it.  Think of how happy your knees and hips will be when your weight is within your range for height and bone size and closer to your ideal weight.  Perhaps you will even be able to avoid knee surgery! I do like to use running shoes that absorb shock to help avoid knee and hip surgery.  I like being able to use the same favorite clothes more than one season too.

The methods described in the video are from Fred Pescatore, M.D.’s book, Divine Health: A comprehensive guide to nature’s greatest healing miracles and another book I picked up by Dr. Atkins years ago.  I’ve learned to watch the labels for all kinds of hidden sugar and just recently I learned that we should include more healthy kinds of fats in our diet than I mentioned in my print and e-book, At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being. Besides olive oil, coconut oil and macadamia nut oil are being recommended.

Now go to for the details on stopping your sugar and carb craving.  God bless you this day!


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  1. Nice video, Evelyn.

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    The Window Woman
    101 S Main St
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