Marketing, Memory and Madness

I’m marketing a resource to help your memory and decrease the madness in this world and need your help!


Awakening from Alzheimer’s is a very well done set of interviews with physicians who have found ways to help people with their memory–sometimes retrieving it, sometimes slowing the loss better than medications currently available through traditional medicine. For information on this series search the internet since I am unable to copy a link.


To decrease the madness in this world, my e-book At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being has acclaim from noted author and psychiatrist specializing in child development and treatment. Dr. Grace Ketterman says in her preface, “Without offending any given philosophy or faith, these pages will teach how these processes can totally heal…I cannot tell you how strongly I recommend it.”


But to be effective, I need your help in making At Eden’s Gate well known! If you have purchased a copy please write a review about how it is helpful. You can also share with all your media contacts, see the buttons below.


I would love to have your comments and suggestions. There is a contact form below and there is a video attached if you would like to watch it.




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