Memory, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Parkinson’s disease is second only to Alzheimer’s for cognitive impairment. The website at

www. has a list of centers of excellence where treatment is top notch. I was pleased to see that The University of Kansas Medical Center was one. For the greatest variety of information I found very interesting.

A website called Awakening From Alzheimer’s

shows that exercise improves dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is deficient in Parkinson’s and is considered a ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter.

Peggy Sarlin in Regain Your Brain, 2018, Online Publishing in Marketing, LLC, summarizes the many expert presenters in her more recent series. The information comes from her summary.

They reported five supplements needed for brain support. Fish oil, COQ10, vitamin D3, curcumin (as CuraMed 500 mg 2x day, it was helpful in depressed patients), and vitamin B complex plus vitamin B12 sublingual.

Additional supplements to consider are alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), probiotics with at least 3 billion units and 10 to 15 strains of bacteria, and the herbal spice sage.

Her experts say to keep your fasting blood sugar under 105, eat more healthy fats such as coconut oil, nut oils, and a small amount of dark chocolate every day.

They advocate about 8 hours restful sleep a night. Keeping the bedroom very dark helps.

Music helps the brain.

Hormones need to be optimized.

You will find much more interesting information in the series and discover how a person can delay or prevent and sometimes reverse memory losses that are features of Parkinson’s Disease and Allzheimer’s Disease.


My video about early signs of Parkinson’s is:
Parkinson’s Early signs posted April 5, 2018

Much fear surrounds memory loss illnesses. To learn what alternative, complementary, functional, transformative and anti-aging expert physicians recommend to help delay, prevent and even sometimes reverse memory loss is extremely valuable.


2 responses to “Memory, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

  1. The love of my life for the last 17 years was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease nearly 4 years ago, at age 52. He had a stooped posture, tremors, muscle stiffness, horrible driving skills, and slow movement. He was placed on Sinemet 50/200 at night for 7 months and then Sifrol and rotigotine were introduced which replaced the Sinemet but he had to stop due to side effects. He started having hallucinations, lost touch with reality. Suspecting it was the medications I took him off the Siferol (with the doctor’s knowledge) In March this year his primary physician suggested we started him on Natural Herbal Gardens Parkinson’s Herbal formula which eased his anxiety a bit, i’m happy to report this PD herbal treatment worked very effectively. His Parkinson’s is totally under control, he had a total decline in symptoms, the tremors, shaking, stiffness, slow movement and speech problems stopped.


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