Protect Yourself from Toxins!

Toxins in the body can overload body defenses and cause a variety of illnesses. Many toxins are chemicals found in the environment. Thirty three environmental chemicals are listed at, and that is not all of them.

An alert from Natural Health 365,, warns us against glyphosate, which is much more dangerous than originally thought. It is a weed killer that enters every cell of the plant and is used extensively in agriculture. It was found by the Federal department of agriculture in a wide variety of prepared foods such as corn meal, crackers, cereals and many other processed foods all showing traces of glyphosate., Your best defense is to use organically grown foods.

The article at lists toxins commonly found in your home. “These toxins are typically present in a lot of items, particularly household cleaning products, personal care products, beauty products, and even food packaging…In addition to phthalates and lead, mercury, asbestos, and BPA are some of the most common toxins in your home.” Mercury is found tuna and other fish. Both mercury and lead may be in the water in addition to fluoride. Fluoride in excess can be detrimental to your thyroid and cause markings in your teeth. A small amount is helpful in strengthening bones and teeth and preventing hip fractures and dental caries. If you choose to filter your water, you will want to use a fluoride tooth paste.

There are three highly effective water filters that are family sized. They are Big Berkey, Alexapure Pro,, and Propur Big. You can see the comparison at Clean Water at, July 3, 2017, Your choice depends on the type of contamination you are most concerned about and which unit is best at eliminating it. Scroll down to the September 5, 2017, , article and you will find a comparison of personal sized pitchers. He rates Propur as the most efficient in removal of contaminants and least expensive overall. He also discovered and rated countertop reverse osmosis filters,

Dr. Lam’s article gives us a great deal of information regarding the sources of toxins and what to do about them. He tells us toxins are found in the household dust. We should mop or vacuum with a hepa filter at least once a week. They also may be as mold. He claims toxic fumes are higher indoors than out and we should keep our windows open when practical. You may also want to invest in a special filter for the air in your home.

Another point Dr. Lam makes is, outside toxins such as lead dust, lawn herbicides, pesticides and road sealant can be stopped at the door if you take off your shoes when you come inside.

As I explained in my video,, Dr. Lam’s article at–away-from-toxic-overload/22599–away-from-toxic-overload/22599/ gives us a list of foods that help your body fight toxins. The foods he listed are cilantro, greens, chlorella, pectin which you find in green apples bananas, grapes carrots beets, cabbage, wheat grass and barley grass. Barley grass is easier on the digestive system than the wheat grass.

To remove toxins that are on fresh foods you prepare, you can use soda water to wash the food. I found one report of a university study that used one teaspoon to 2 cups water for 15 minutes that removed most of the pesticide but some kinds penetrate the skin. If you skin the food, such as apple, you lose much of the nutrients. I recently removed the waxy covering on an imported fruit by rubbing soda all over it and rinsing it under runnning water, however, I had no way to measure the effectiveness., except that the skin tasted good afterward. You will find other directions for using larger amounts of soda in two cups water and some that add lemon juice or vinegar, however, the university study indicated that the alkaline quality of the plain soda water seemed to be effective. The other research solution used was chlorox water with a control of plain water. The soda water was the more effective of the three, r-washing-pesticides-off-food.html r-washing-pesticides-off-food.html

According to Green Valley Natural Solutions,

glutathione it’s important in reducing toxins. Aging tends to reduce the amount found in the body. They sell a product, Vital Force, to boost glutathione. Because glutathione itself is not well absorbed, they useingredients which increase glutathione: NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) , a Chinese compound called SCHISANDRA, lemon balm which you can get as a tea, and a special kind of glutathione which protects the gut and prevents toxins from being absorbed in the first place. Also used are precursors that work with NAC and alpha lipoic acid. Additional ingredients are vitamind B 6, B12 and folic acid. Unfortunately, this company automatically enrolls people in a delivery program that some have found hard to cancel.

Web MD says that glutathione is not well absorbed when taken by mouth and lists several other supplements that may help increase glutathione levels. Curcumin, NAC, Selenium, Silymarin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. They also list sulphur containing foods. Unprocessed meat, Garlic, Broccoli, Asparagus, Avocados, and Spinach.

Toxins are dangerous to your long term health. So please take the extra steps to protect youself.


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