A Great Gay Debate

For many years there has been a great debate about gay/homosexual people. In 2019 the United Methodist special session of the general conference, which represents people from all over the world, will touch people’s lives in another great debate on the topic. The bishops in the United States and from other countries (32 Bishops in all) are offering three plans which have received a great deal of thought, prayer, preparation and probably compromise by the group. If the judicial branch of the church gives the go ahead for a special session the three plans will be submitted for action February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis, Missouri. The regular 2020 General Conference is May 5-15, 2020, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You may read the 93 page report and three plans in English and three other languages here.


A fourth 7 page plan is being offered called The Simple Plan provided by a group of “liberal pastors,” however when I read it, it seems in my opinion to be the most conservative plan. Instead of changes in the structure of the overall church, It merely makes some changes in the language of the Book of Discipine. This creates less chaos and less disruption in the United Methodist Church. Read it, pray, and see if you agree that it is the best plan.


You see, some countries and some people are concerned about sexuality and wish to limit the participation of homosexual people in thieir congregations and ministries.

We’re not sure Jesus would approve of that because God does not discriminate against any people.

The Simple Plan continues to include the provision that any person convicted of a crime cannot serve in the heirarchy of the church. Those countries that have laws against homosexuality have protection of their beliefs. In The Simple Plan, The United Methodist Church will not be part of making homosexuality a crime.

Therefore in my opinion The Simple Plan is the least disruptive and the least controversial of all the plans to be considered. God forbid that any of us consider those with different points of view as enemies. But if so, let us remember that Jesus says we must love our enemies.

The Simple Plan is the most conservative and most loving way to resolve the great gay debate.


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