Marijuana Longterm Effects

The Blaylock Wellness Report of March 2019 explains the results  of research on long-term  effects of recreational marijuana use.

Recreational marijuana has high levels of THC and little of CBD the helpful component.

During pregnancy the developing infant is severely harmed for life.

Recreational use by adolescents and young adults increases risky behavior and decreases personal control over violence and impulses. Continued use can affect one for life.

Use in adulthood destroys the parts of the brain that regulates anxiety and violence.

Regular use destroys brain tissue that regulates memory, learning. social control, and behavior.

Unfortunately, the person using recreational marijuana is unaware of the detrimental effects on brain and behavior.

It is extremely detrimental to society, and Dr. Blaylock warns against legalizing recreational marijuana.

Persuade your loved ones not to use marijuana except for medical purposes.  Contact your legislators and urge them to outlaw recreational marijuana!

See the Blaylock Wellness Report at


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