How would Jesus vote?

What would Jesus do about voting? I want to know for the upcoming election. He paid taxes so I think for sure he would vote in a democracy, where voting is important, even if you don’t like either candidate and vote for the one who is the least objectionable.

Well, how would Jesus vote? Looking at his words and actions will help me decide how I should vote. The prayer he taught, and that we often say, asks for bread for the day so I think that means a person should be able to provide basic necessities from the day’s wages…oh, that reminds me, he told a story about a landowner who paid the workers all the same, even when they didn’t all work the same number of hours. After all, each worker had the same daily needs. When Jesus began his work, he had dinner with Matthew, a social outcast because he was a tax collector, Hmmm. Social outcasts. He had dinner at a leper’s house a couple days before being crucified, few people would have done that. He let ladies touch him, even if they had a bad reputation…definitely a no no in their society. So society’s outcasts are important to him. He spent a lot of time healing people…a lot of poor people, I think. At least one lady had already spent everything she had on healthcare. So healthcare, probably healthcare for everybody would be important to him. He spent a lot of time teaching, both in the country and in the religious houses. So education is important to him. He was scathingly critical of people who “devoured widows’s houses.” So keeping your house would be important to him. He didn’t like the vine keepers who kept the profits for themselves in one of his stories. So he wouldn’t like business practices that were greedy. Then, on the way to the place of execution, an immigrant, at least someone from another country, maybe another color, was forced to carry his cross. As a man who studied the Jewish scriptures, he knew that immigrants had to be treated fairly. He sure spent a lot of time and effort on people at the edge of society, people not approved of, and getting justice for people, Maybe this isn’t all he had to say and do that is related to today’s problems, but it gives me an idea of how Jesus would vote.


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