Insulin Resistance Damages Your Body

Insulin resistance occurs in pre-diabetes and diabetes which are often involved in kidney disease, some doctors advise obtaining fasting insulin blood levels. This resistance causes excess insulin in the blood and indicates that the necessary blood sugar, that is glucose, does not get into the cell to help it work properly. Then the blood glucose gets higher and higher in the blood stream itself and injures the kidney, heart, eyes, and nerves even before you are diagnosed with diabetes!

So rising insulin level is an early warning sign. Another early warning sign is an expanding waist measurement. For men, a measurements over  40   inches and for ladies, a measurement over 35 inches are early indications that you likely have insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. So be warned! Take action to lower your blood sugar to prevent damage to your body,

With kidney disease, failure and dialysis all on the rise in the United States, I was pleased that some doctors are treating and even reversing it in advanced stages. 

Two action steps you can take are first, read labels and don’t buy anything with sugar or high fructose added. Second, many of the foods that are white in color are high glycemic foods with high sugar, so substitute other foods in your meal plans.

This is Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education wishing you the best of possible health!  For more information, see my ebook At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Wellbeing or my blog at Keep your blood sugar and insulin blood levels down. Protect your body! God be with you.


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