Alcohol and You

Control the booze or it will control youse. How was your New Year’s Eve? Did you happen to drink more alcohol than you intended to? Feel a little groggy or fuzzy in the head? Maybe a little bit unsteady on your feet? Forgot what happened?

Maybe you decided to cut back a little bit. But if you are still drinking for the same reason, to feel good, you probably will start drinking more and more and more and more and more. Why?

Because as your system gets used to the alcohol, it has to have more and more, and more, and more to get the same feeling!

Perhaps you have tried that in the past.

So what happens if you decide to go cold turkey? Experts in the field say that on the fifth day you feel pretty rotten. This feeling can last up to 10 days. In the meantime, your body and whole system is trying to get used to the change in consumption. 

Alcohol increases GABA, one of the feel-good chemicals. Without it you probably feel lousy.

But, there are some foods that help restore GABA in your system. They can help you over the rough times.

Here’s a list: walnuts almonds lentils beans shrimp and halibut citrus tomatoes berries spinach broccoli potatoes Cocoa.

If you were trying to quit “cold turkey,” be aware that the DTs can be severe with a severe fever. extreme agitation, seizures, confusion, even hallucination, and high blood pressure. 

If these occur, see a doctor.

Less serious symptoms are: trembling in your hands, a fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, fast breathing, dilated pupils, sweating and feeling very tired or fatigued.

Alcohol also affects other chemicals in the body. It decreases serotonin which helps your body in several ways including your nervousness system and memory, it also decreases melatonin which is needed to help you sleep, it decreases B12 and folic acid, two vitamins necessary for healthy nerves, and decreases the absorption of zinc which is needed to process around 200 interactions in the body.

It takes 5-7 days to begin to feel better after stopping alcohol. Helpful is to increase your magnesium and zinc intake, vitamin D , B complex, and drinking 1.5 liters/ quarts of water a day.

Then your body is able to work on repairing damage the alcohol has done.

You may think you can do this by yourself, but I suggest calling on all your God given spiritual resources, plus Alcoholics Anonymous, their big book and steps to sobriety.


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