Eye Alert

Hi, This is Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education bringing you an Eye Alert, and that is “Injections don’t hurt.” I had promised to bring you information about cataract removal, but before I could do that, it was found that I had excess fluid in my eye, in the left eye. I don’t think you can tell by looking at me. But it showed up on my eye doctor’s test machine, and I happened to be able to get into her office after calling them.

So a week after my discovering with an Amsler Grid, my doctor referred me on a Tuesday to a Wichita doctor, Dr. Brooke Nesmith, and to my utter astonishment, I was given an appointment for the next day at 3:00. So I had to make arrangements to travel the two hours to get down there and was warned that the appointment would take two hours and then 2 hours to get back. i also needed a driver.

Now, they do come to Salina about once a month, but I was not on that monthly schedule. so when the doctor chose the medicine for my eye, she chose the one that is longer acting so that I could get in sync with the Salina treatment program.

So, Dr. Brooke was very concerned about people who don’t call their doctor because they are afraid of the needle. Well, I didn’t see a needle. I didn’t feel a needle. Let me tell you the steps. After numerous tests and pictures of the background of the eye, which took about 2 hours, not quite 2 hours, because you have to have eye drops in between and you have to wait for those eye drops to take effect. 

So when I finally got to see Dr. Brooke, she said it would be painless. So here’s what we did. They gave me an eye drop that removed feeling in my eye. So I didn’t feel anything in my eye, except when they put the sterilizing fluid, which happened to be beta dyne, an eye drop of beta dyne in my eye, to help prevent infection. Infection rate is very small percentage of people complications–.05%, can you believe that?!

Anyway, I felt the drop of beta dyne kinda like a drop of No Tears. I use Blink for tears when my eyes are dry. So it kinda felt like that. And then there was a little tickle when they deadened the muscles of the eye, and then Dr. just gently with her hand, lifted my upper lid on my left eye and asked me to look down look toward the fingers of her assistant on my right. And not to move. And Bingo! That was it! No pain.

She is very, very interested in everyone knowing that there is no pain. You don’t even get a chance to see the needle, which I’m sure can’t be very long because the eye is not very deep. So if you’ve been putting off seeing the doctor, PLEASE, PLEASE. PLEASE, GO See Your Eye Doctor for a test. and especially if you have that little Amsler Grid that has the dark spot in the middle with lines going through it. 

Well, the way I discovered it was one morning, when I looked at that grid with my left eye. There was a pink cloud covering most of the bottom half, Ah Ha! And the next morning it was a gray cloud. Well this scared me pretty spitless and I called my doctor and got an appointment in less than a week, when she could take the pictures and confirm what was going on in my eyes. 

Oh, please, call your eye doctor if you are having any trouble at all. I think you can download the Amsler Grid probably from the internet, or if you don’t have an Amsler Grid, check your vision with one eye open and then the other eye open with the opposite being closed and see if your vision is the same in both eyes. This is Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education, wishing you a wonderful, wonderful day. God Bless.

Oh, Yes! In my last blog/You Tube, about eyes, I had a list of supplements.  I don’t know know why the list I got from the internet didn’t include Vitamin A. But you could also take Vitamin A up to 2400 IU a day. Over that might raise your blood pressure, but its considered safe to take that much every day and your eyes do need Vitamin A and probably carotenoids also.

 Now that part that I forgot on the injection is that the injection is made in the white part of your eye, not through your pupil, so it doesn’t hurt your pupil or cause any change in the appearance of your eye. Rest assured, you are safe with your Retina Specialist.

Any suggestion in this video or blog is for educational purposes only and not as a treatment for an individual person.


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