John Wesley Approach to Decision on Kansas Constitutional Amendment

Hi, This is Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education, today addressing the upcoming vote In Kansas on a constitutional amendment, an amendment that did not pass the legislature for inclusion on the ballot in 2020, but in 2021, it did. And on the surface it sounds pretty reasonable.

What I would like to do is look at it from John Wesley’s four means or methods for evaluating any idea or action. Those four criteria are scripture, tradition, reason and experience. We’ll begin with scripture. 

In Exodus, chapter 21: 22-23, we have an example of a young woman who got mixed up in a brawl between a couple of men and lost her pregnancy. The result was a fine, that was less than a fine would be for someone who had killed another, it was not considered murder. And so it was a fine he had to pay the man whose wife lost the pregnancy and he had to pay for that loss. Then we have in Mark, one of the things that Jesus said was there were some people that would have been better if they had not been born.

That’s a pretty strong statement. As an example, I’m reading a book which I don’t recommend to you, by Stephen King, called  Different Seasons. The second section in that book is called Apt  Pupil and its about a young boy who becomes enamored with the ideas of Hitler and the tortures that were committed that seemed to really “turn him on” that were used in experiments in Germany and also older man that was recounting these things that had been part of Hitler’s commands at one of the death camps.

Now in terms of tradition that we have in Kansas, and I think in the United States., the mother’s health has to be taken into consideration. It was both physical and mental health and now its been reduced in Kansas to physical health.

In Scriptures of the New Testament, it’s really hard to find anything on this topic, and in the New Testament, if you’re not going to consider it murder, which the Old Testament does not. Paul does not talk about children being equal to their parents or to adults. The Old Testament does not consider children to be equal to their parents or to adults. They are to respect their parents, obey their parents, but they were not equal.

And in Kansas we have juvenile law in which we do not expect people of a young age to be treated the same as adults when it comes to crimes.

(Before) Roe vs. Wade, I was working as a student in the surgical suite and every evening that I was on duty we would have a many as 12 young women who had attempted or had gone to someone to end their pregnancies. 

And unfortunately, many with infections that were going to affect their future fertility and even one who died from hemorrhage, Uh, when I was in the operating room in Louisiana, it was years before Roe vs Wade, and that was also the case.

So, my concern is that if we make abortion more strict than it is in Kansas already, it could happen here, because Kansas has some of the strictest abortion laws of any of the states, which does not allow abortion after 5 months, unless its for the life of the mother or very serious physical effects.

If that were to take place the doctor who did the procedure would be due to criminal prosecution. And up until 5 months, which was considered the time of viability, before these modern miracle live-sustaining efforts by the pediatric physicians, who do a wonderful job with premies, although premies are still among those who die in Kansas due to natural causes.

So up to that five months, there are so, so many serious restrictions on abortions, you have to have two doctors,  and they have to be connected with a hospital, and that’s pretty good in the larger areas of population, but in some of the rural areas, the population is a hardship.

So Kansas has already, very, very strict abortion laws, so actually we don’t need any further restrictions on abortion and so there is no need for a constitutional amendment.

I don’t want us to go back to those bad old days when young people lost their fertility and sometimes their lives because they were unable to get a legal abortion and they were determined to have an abortion.        

So, although, in the beginning, I had thought, “Well this doesn’t sound unreasonable, but yet when I apply John Wesley’s criteria, I have to say, I will be compelled to vote No.”

I hope you will think it through in terms of what you think God would want you to do when it comes time to vote in Kansas. This is Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education wishing you a wonderful day, a wonderful year, and that you become a part of God’s Family. If you don’t know how to do that, you can look in my ebook, At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being. There is an older printed version. Or you can go to my blog at God Bless You. Goodbye.


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