At Eden’s Gate Revisited Whole Health and Well-Being




Revisited Whole Health



I’m listening. Jean Huston encourages us. The Potter encourages us. God’s Spirit encourages us. 

It is 5 years years since the update to At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being was published as an e-book.

Some things have changed but a  lot has not. You may want to get a copy in order to follow more closely as I do not wish to repeat unnecessarily. Neither do I want to hammer your phone with pushes from the internet to your email.

I re-emphasize that mental health is waiting for you to realize in real life. The labels used by the psychiatrists are largely to help them decide on methods to provide treatment and receive compensation from insurance companies.

Too often the basics of health are not addressed as the sub-soil of growing more healthy in body, mind, spirit, emotions, and relationships. The 2016 e-book goes into depth in this subject. My blog at has some additions since then.

The field of complementary medicine has taken on many names to help authors, providers and organizations to distinguish themselves among the many who have something to sell.

I’m not trying to sell you anything and if I could give it to you I would. God has given me health and insight through my many trials and conditions. I’ll try to share them in order to let you find them with key-words. 

This enough to start. It will be posted to to my blog.


Evelyn Westhoff Maxwell, M.N., R.N.


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