Foods for Vegetarians

One of the first things you read about in At Eden’s Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being is food, nutrition. Today I want to add what 10 foods a vegetarian dietician decided to buy after becoming a Registered Dietician. These items were posted September 30, 2021 by Sharon Feiereisin in

Alaskan Salmon

Organic dairy


Cruciferous Vegetables, including Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussell’s sprouts, kale, arugula

Beans, legumes and whole grains

Chia seeds


California prunes and also pureed them to use in baking to reduce sugar and fat


Cannellini beans and used them pureed in cream type soups.

I suggest you read her comments to see the nutritional reasons she added these foods.

I must add that Bread is one of the staples of many people. The Jewish people of Jesus’ time recalled how God gave them bread in the desert when they left Egypt. The New Testament of the Bible first four books tell about Jesus providing bread for large groups of people. Then he astonished them by saying that He, himself, is God’s bread for people to eat. That cost him lots of followers, but Peter realized that the important element was the Words Jesus gave them straight from God. Jesus had told them the flesh was not the important thing for them to eat but that he was bringing the Spirit by God’s Word.

My wish for you is that the hunger in your soul is satisfied by Jesus’ words found in the Christian Bible.


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