Gluten 1 Text of Video

Just recently I’ve had the opportunity to take a series on the internet offered by Dr. Osborne on “Glutenology.”  Well, I still didn’t know what the symptoms of gluten intolerance were.

So I looked that up on the internet, a lady by the name of Catherine,  Facty staff, at, had written in 

February of this year, February the 3rd, 2021, “Ten signs and symptoms of Gluten Intolerance”

And when I read these, I thought, “MY GOODNESS, that sounds like me” The Number one was Gas, Bloating, every time you eat wheat, rye or barley.  Number two was headaches, sometimes as severe as migraines.

Number three is abdominal cramps, mild or intense, Number four is rash, itchy, on the knees abdomen, buttocks,scalp, and it can be anywhere on the body. Number tive was half the people have constipation, number six, half the people have diarrhea.

Number seven is fatigue, while occupational standing, is part of the picture, and a loss of electrolytes and you have have diarrhea,  Number eight was depression and anxiety, yes, I mean you are puzzled about what is going on with your health

And stress, leaky gut, inflammation, all lead to autoimmune diseases. Number 9 was aches or pains, which could be in the joints,muscles, numbness especially of the legs and feet, and body aches. Number ten  was weight loss due to poor absorption and that can lead to malnutrition.

So I am going to stop with this video for Wholistic Health Education  and continue with more on gluten in the next one. Thank you. This is Evelyn Maxwell wishing you a wonderful time with a loved one.


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