Gluten 2 Text of Video

Dr. Peter Osbourne is the one who’s giving the series on glutenology. I would suggest that you get on the internet, if you can, on his program and find out what’s working. He mentions that gluten is the number one trigger for autoimmune diseases, and autoimmune diseases are really multi-factorial, so it’s not just gluten that is involved in autoimmune diseases.

And, I was interested in learning that even the thyroid is linked to gluten sensitivity.  A couple of the several symptoms was hair loss, osteoporosis that so many of us in my age group have trouble with osteoporosis.

A couple of other triggers that he mentioned is toxins, this for autoimmune diseases, and being too clean. So if you are too, too, too clean doesn’t help your gut.

So he listed things that contribute to leaky gut which is one of the real problems that gluten brings. But other things are plastics, uh, pesticides, infections, and toxins.

And water and air quality. 

All those things can contribute to leaky gut which causes inflammation in the body, which very often then leads to an autoimmune disease. So those diseases are like rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, uh copper and autoimmune diseases. That’s when your body decidies to fight against your own body.

So he listed some tools to help and mentioned that optimal nutrition is a big part of helping ourselves. And of course eliminating gluten. I suppose you might start out with your weight. And add rye and barley to the elimination in your diet to see if that helps. 

The tools to help is nutrition, and he mentioned that particularly that copper is very often low and iron is very often low in his gluten patients. So what you wanta do is have organic foods as much as possible and as few additives and preservatives as possible.

And decrease your chemical exposure, and filter your impure air and water, exercise, Don’t we love to hear that!.And spend time outside in the sun and fresh air.

In my next video I’ll talk about what he said that sometimes are “mimics” of gluten or they have different forms of gluten that can also give you problems. That’s all for now. Thanks you.  This Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education. God Bless you.


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