Is there a Cure for Mental Illness?

You ask, “Is there a cure for mental illness?”  When I was studying mental health, I learned of a research project regarding the factors that help people overcome mental illness. And the most important one was–hope, HOPE, hope.  And I think one of the best ways to do this is to stop thinking about being mentally ill; start thinking about having a mental health problem. And problems have solutions. 

As for myself, my first diagnosis was schizophrenia. At that time, that was considered incurable. Now tere are some helpful medications. BUT, what about people who are having symptoms of an illness,that really arise from a physical problem?

As in my case, and is often the situation. In my various blogs related to diabetes, thyroid, adrenals, all are related to physical conditions with mental symptoms. Sometimes it’s a relational problem. Fortunately for me, my husband was a loyal, helpful friend who continued  to support me and our four children.

 Difficult at times, yes. Our relationship at present has never been better. He’s 92. I’m going on 90.  So, don’t think of yourself as being mentally ill. Look for what problems you have and look for solutions. 

I think basic to overcoming mental health problems is to have an understanding that God Loves You and God has a purpose for you. And, if you’re  having a difficult time now, it is so that when you overcome it, you will be able to help others who have the same problem. 

So look up. You have HOPE. The stars are in your favor. God Bless You. 

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