Gluten Mimic Foods

Hi, This is Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education. Remember several weeks ago I was going to give you an update on the foods that mimic gluten and can damage your gut lining. And that’s what gluten does.

Well, all grains have some gluten. You remember that Rye, Wheat and Barley–I don’t think corn was on that original list. Rye, wheat and barley are really bad gluten grains.

And those that also mimic gluten according to Dr. Osborn are corn, rice, oats, dairy, and millet and sorghum. And the cows that are called A-2 cows are not bad as the cows that have A-1 casein in their milk.

So those are the grains and foods that mimic–lets see if I can find anything else–instant coffee sometimes has a mold or gluten in it. Both exposures can be really bad.

Sugar feeds the casein yeast that makes the protein that makes problems for celiac people. Oh, and they are saying that 70% of our immune system comes from our gut!

Basically from the bacteria that makes these things that go into our immune system and to our brain to keep us healthy. It’s amazing isn’t it.

I think that’s all I have on foods that mimics gluten. And I just hope that you will be enjoying your foods and not having problems with gluten. And try to reduce these particular foods

Uh, I was cutting out oats entirely for awhile (inaudible) so for some people oats are okay and for other people , it’s not, so you have to just, uh, try things. sometimes by trial and error, people like what you need by how you feel and sometimes its very helpful.

So I’ll say goodbye for now. I got sidetracked by studying telemeres endcaps to DNA that helps keep us young. When they get shortened, then that makes us older. So lets keep moving and we’ll try to get into that at a later time.

Goodbye now. I’m Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education
wishing you a wonderful, wonderful day, evening, night or whatever time you are watching it. And that God will bless you greatly as you go about your activities. Bye-Bye.


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