Hi, This is Evelyn Maxwell of Wholistic Health Education. I want to give you some information from and a marvelous presentation of 6 supplements that are needed for neurotransmitter production.

And they even named the transmitters. One of them is dopamine which is important for pleasure. GABA is important for sleep. Norepinephrine important for a rapid response to manage stress. Oxytocin is the love one and makes testosterone. And then serotonin–they called it the happy transmitter.

So all these need the 6 supplements. I’ll start with the vitamins. The B vitamins are important in almost every one of them. Vitamin C is important for I think three of them. And Vitamin D if important for just about all of them. And Probiotics are important for many of them.

Magnesium is really important and, oh yes, Omega 3s are important for all of them. God Bless You! Have a very happy New Year that just started with Easter. Bye-Bye.


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