Eliquis and the Elderly

I’m Evelyn Maxwell with Wholistic Health Education. I’ve been wanting to visit with you for quite some time regarding Eliquis and older patients, people 84 years old and older.

 So if you are 84 or older, or have a friend who is 84 or older on Eliquis, please listen carefully because the University of California San Francisco geriatric department has published an article that shows people  84 years and older who take 1/2 as much that’s usually prescribed, that’s 2 1/2 mg. once a day instead of twice a day, have the same blood levels as younger people who are taking it twice a day.

So my husband was having quite a few side effects, he’s sensitive to medication more so than I am. He had weakness in the lower extremities, poor balance, tired, a nagging frequent cough, loss of bladder control, heavy breathing on slight exercise, some of them like coffee grounds, difficulty swallowing and choking on food.

Now my symptoms were not quite as dramatic as his, but we both gave this article to our doctors and we decreased our dosage to once a day at night and found these symptoms decreased. After only a few days, I noticed my husband/s skin was not dry, his breathing and his cough were greatly improved. He has not choked on anything and he has had some normal brown stools.

So I have noticed similar kinds of things although my symptoms as I said were not as dramatic as his. So if you are 84 years old, take that article to your doctor. Again, I’ll repeat it. From the University of California San Francisco Geriatric Department research presentation has published an article called  “Apixaban Concentrations in Older NVAF Patients: Is Less Enough?” at geriatrics.uscf.edu.

Take that to your doctor,and do what God directs you to do. I’m sure you  will feel better. And, In Jesus Name, may God Bless You. Amen.

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