Evolution and the Bible

The intruder brushed my arm, and I woke up with a scream. It was a dream.

And in the dream, I was about to ask my son and his wife what they thought about evolution. Because you see, I had heard, I think it was Word TV earlier in the evening, that some of the–I suppose powerful movements in the Christian community–to oppose teaching about evolution in the schools.

And, I just wish I could take you back into my husband’s classes in Sunday School when he showed you how evolution is figured in Genesis One. The various stages which God worked through the ages.

So, there was a time before our earth time, and even in MY day, that is 90 years old, my grandmother knew, she knew, that there are periods of time we call “days” that are not linked to our 24 hour day where the sun comes up and goes down (that’s more like 12-14 hours).

So it seems like God thought this was such an urgent thing, and maybe it was keeping me awake, that I should get up and start this series talking about how God is creating. We see him create all the time!

And I hate to say “him” because God is more than just “him.” We do have “God our Father” in Christian-Judeo belief, And I grew up with that belief and have found that it is true. So Very True.

I have seen God work so many times that I can never deny that there is God our Father and Jesus Christ who was enbued with God’s Spirit and was called the firstborn of many. So God be with you. God loves you and I love you and I’m going back to bed. Goodnight.


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