Building Bone

An article from Health Radar, October 2022, is excellent on how to build your bones. Exercise is part of that and it needs weight bearing.

But here are the supplements. And that is Calcium and Magnesium should be 2:1, in other words twice as much Calcium as Magnesium. And aim for 1200 mg a day Calcium but only take 600 at a time, so I’d say 600 Calcium and 300 Magnesium at one time.

Uh, what’s next? Well, they say only take 350 mg twice a day, um, and I don’t understand why they say that except that you a re going to get some of your calcium through food, especially if you drink milk.
Vitamin D, they want you to take 1500 to 2000 I.U. a day and they think its good to get a blood test first to see what your level is. And then Vitamin K-2 in the form of MK7. That is a special dosage and special preparation that helps your body absorb the Vitamin K.

They want you to have 100 to 360 mcg. of Vitamin D with MK7. MK7 is the 100 to 360 and the Vitamin D part is 1000 to 5000 IU. So you need to have the Vitamin D test to see where you are on that spectrum.

Well I get Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil. Some people say don’t take fish oil and others day continue to take it. They are recommending between 3 and 4000 MG.of EPA plus DHA from food and supplements.

Then supporting minerals that you need…and these can be in a multivitamin or separate…Boron 3 mg, Manganese 3.5 mg, that’s one that I fall down on, Selenium 200 mcg,, Silicon 40 mg., Zinc 15-30 mg, Copper 1-2 mg. Now if you have macular degeneration you need more zinc and more copper to match the ARED study that was done a few years ago.

So that’s the gist of the cover story of Health Radar October, 2022. God bless you and keep you healthy, in Jesus Name. Amen.

See the video


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