Feeling Words

HIGH fabulous evil ecstatic doomed furious panicked
  magnificent wicked overjoyed depressed enraged petrified
  marvelous vicious enraptured miserable wrathful terrified
  wonderful depraved elated sorrowful vengeful horrified
  great cursed “high” mournful outraged fearful
  super rotten exhilarated remorseful hateful awe
MEDIUM strong guilty gleeful dismayed irate dread
  energetic unworthy delighted distressed bitter anxious
  healthy ashamed cheerful regretful resentful agitated
  right immoral blessed disheartened angry worried
  productive delinquent happy disappointed indignant apprehensive
  confident wrong lighthearted unhappy insulted tense
LOW capable unsuccessful gratified dissatisfied disgusted uneasy
  fine inadequate pleased displeased irritated reverence
  well unsatisfactory satisfied gloomy vexed concerned
  ok spoiled peaceful “blue” provoked uncertain
  adequate abnormal serene “down” annoyed helpless
  surviving disobedient contented sorry bothered vulnerable

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